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  • Friday fives, bank holidays

    So another bank holiday has reared its ugly head. What to do ?
    I know...

    1. Go to Homebase or B&Q and buy lots of paint, so you can spend the whole weekend indoors painting. Especially good if it's sunny outside

    2. Spend the weekend at the garden centre buying overpriced plants :??:

    3. Spend several hours on the motorway with half the population trying to get to the coast or a well-known beauty spot. Spend several more trying to get home

    4. Spend hours queuing to take all your garden waste to the local tip. It's probably going to be hot and sunny, so you can sweat inside a hot car

    5. In reality it's probably going to rain. It is a bank holiday after all. And it always rains on bank holidays !!! :))

  • FF - Rank Jolidays

    Members of my family and myself were always working on holiday weekends, so they never really meant anything to us.  Living in a picturesque area the roads got swamped with visitors, the weather was always an issue, as well as Joe Public on holiday which meant he left his brain and everything else at home.  So here goes ...... my cynical five ... 

    1 - Stay home - laze in bed or the bath, enjoy the stillness, listen to the moans of bored kids and shrieks of stressed parents, the buzz of lawn mowers and the slamming of doors when the breeze gamboles through.

    2 - Always wear shorts - if it is raining, please make sure you are still wearing the customary shorts and sandles/flipflops beneath that coat. It makes a very positive fashion statement.

    3 - Always ask - if you do venture out to a local attraction, be sure to ask the busy receptionist your intelligent questions like "If we come in, can we go out again?", "Is that where I park the car?" or "Do I have to pay to come in?" [My replies are; Please do I wnt to go home at 6 - No, up the tree is better - well I do like getting my wages but as you asked nicely I am sure my electric bill can wait].

    4 - Drive slowly - Don't google directions before you leave, take a chance, be adventurous ... the white lines are for the blind, switch lanes randomly, slow down to a crawl as you approach the road signs.  Whatveer you do, do not make it look like you know where you are going.

    5 - Visiting Town - Thinking of meeting family and friends for a mooch along the seafront or through town?  Please be sure to link arms together and move along at a slow death march pace, troublesome locals who need to get back to work, or catch their bus [next one is two hours later] will appreciate you making them slow down their hectic life pace and smell the weather.

    Oh I say, I think I rather enjoyed that too too much 

  • Friday fives - Bank Holidays

    So. We have the bank holiday weekend looming large again. Unfortunately we retired people don't get bank holidays any more. I used to look forward to those long weekends off work, when i could get out of the office and do something outdoors. Now i can do that on any day of the week.

    So this week's Friday Fives is all about bank holidays.
    What is your advice to people about how to enjoy the bank holiday weekend ?
    I hope you will have some humorous observations about the Brits and how they spend the holiday weekend :))

  • Nigel

    New jobs for Nigel?

    1. Frog impersonator
    2. European travel guide
    3. Eastern European UK support worker,
    4. Overseas Aid worker
    5. Aids counsellor

    And I suppose he could always try leading a proper political party.

  • FF - Career Change

    So Nigel walks into the Careers Office and takes a seat ..... what are his options.

    1 - Real Ale Campaigner - surely the best anti-alcohol pin-up ever!
    2 - Speakers Corner Stalker - well he is all mouth
    3 - QANGO Chief - he is over qualified for a leader who does nothing get paid plenty post
    4 - HouseHusband - assuming Wifie and he return to Germany
    5 - Russel Brands warm-up - match made in ...... 

    For all their faults, flaws and faux pas, we need characters like these who do occasionally say things that need to be heard, because the others are all so petrified of their PR ratings they dare not say anything!

  • Friday fives - Nigel Farage

    In the past couple of days there have been some people in the UKIP party who suggest that Nigel Farage should stand down.
    If he were to change jobs, what 5 jobs could you see him in and why ? :D

  • Looking black o'er Bill's mother

    I saw our milkman a few days ago.

    He is a cheerful soul whose family have lived in the Mayfield valley on the edge of Sheffield since God were a lad.

    He says to me

    'Looking black o'er Bill's mother'

    I just say yes (thinking who is Bill and what his mother gets up to is no concern of mine)

    I had to look it up and apparently it is quite a well known saying in the Midlands.

    Has anyone else heard this one?

    Barnsley has several local expressions.

    Causie edge is one

    Put wood i't'oil is another.

    The first is local for pavement, the second for 'Shut the door'

    Anyone else have local expressions that threw them when they first heard them?
    I'll leave you to work out for yourself what is going on with Bill's mother!

  • Friday Fives: Phobias

    Although they wouldn't all technically qualify as phobias, I'll try ....

    1. Heights, can't get too near a window in a high-rise building.

    2. Flying, although at night it's much easier.

    3. Metal against my teeth (makes visiting the dentist a real trial)

    4. Lorraine Kelly's voice - sounds like a nasal bee using a strimmer and really sets one's teeth on edge.

    5. ITV

  • Friday Fives

    Things that make me go 'ewwwww':

    1. Raw tomatoes
    2. Sneezing (anyone, especially loud ones)
    3. Dog poo in the street
    4. Vinegar
    5. Thongs on visible display on a large bum crack

  • Friday fives

    I dislike

    1.Men who talk about such things as advanced biochemistry and cancer research on a Saturday night after you have been to A french film at the cinema.
    2.Long narrow bridges over rivers or railway lines.
    3 Lukewarm stewed tea.
    4 Bangles and necklaces which get in the way.
    5. Phoning doctors.

    I fear

    1.Going blind.
    2.Losing friends
    3.Being stuck behind a dining table in a narrow room full of big people talking loudly.
    4.Being trapped in a cave.
    5.Nightmares of being eaten by lions

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