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  • WORD SEARCH from photos. 8.

    You are seeking an seven letter word and the clue is,

     Expecting some colourful costumes here.

    Each picture is a clue to a word, the first letter will be one of the 7 that you need.

    These letters when put in the correct order will give you the answer.

    barrhead from comp 089

    for photo album 031
    WORTHING holiday. 2010 053

    th 2-horz

  • Gramma?


    I do tend to agree although that most do not.

  • Friday Fives, Annoying?

    I don't get annoyed. Well that's not strictly true as I do get annoyed several times each day but 24 hours later I have forgotten what I was annoyed about. Maybe that's just an age thing, you know, memory, but I believe it is just not worth it. Today I got really annoyed.

    With commonwealth games judo rattling away on the tele, what a useless sport that is, I opened up my laptop and visited Youtube. Just browsing I came across someone singing the song Bridge Over Troubled Water, that annoyed me. No singer should ever attempt to sing a song that has been recorded with perfection by Simon and Garfunkle, perfection can not be improved upon, but, that was not what annoyed me and I listened to two other versions to confirm that they were all as annoying.

    It is that actual line in the song, ...bridge over troubled water.... , no, they don't sing that, THEY sing ....bridge over troubled WARDER..... .

    Do they think that this a song about a worried prison officer?

  • Friday Five Pet Hates

    Well Spicey you just about covered all of mine as well but let's have a think.

    1. I hate shop assistants that just grunt at you and can't say please and thank you.

    2. I hate that while Ive been staying in Teddington I can walk along the street and hear every language except English being spoken.

    3. I hate seeing most of our traditional pubs being closed.

    4. I hate the amount of New Housing that is going to be built on green sites and that our countryside is disappearing.

    5. Oh yes and I Hate Ironing :>>

  • Friday fives that annoy

    Well, as it is Summer, there are a number of things that go along with all that walk to wall sunshine: -

    1) People who think that we all want to hear their naff choice of music, so they leave their doors and windows open and crank up the volume. Grrr !!!

    2) It's school holiday time, so most of the day the little darlings are screaming at the top of their lungs in the garden (it's all just a bit of high spirits isn't it ?).

    3) I lurve baking. But it is really too hot to put the oven on in this weather. :(

    4) It's great to go and visit a lovely beauty spot, especially when the weather is good. But it's too tiring to do anything other than lounge about in the shade with a picnic.

    5) And last but not least - most cars have air conditioning nowadays don't they ?
    So why have the windows rolled down with a thumping stereo blaring out of them ? Eh ? (See number 1 above ).

  • FF - Annoyed

    Right then, five things that annoy the bejebus to the end of my last impatient nerve.

    1 - Football - nuff said.

    2 - Sport disrupts tv schedules .. why .. there are hundreds of channels so why does sport have to take over the main channel?  

    3 - Adverts - they don't advertise the product anymore and if they do they make ridiculous claims.  No that super super cleany thing will not remove that stain or mark nor make it shine like diamonds.  No that car will not make you feel like you're driving through the cool moutains and put your husband to sleep in the back.  Plus I don't want sand in my bit whether it is high or low cost.

    4 - People - idiots who stumble over me in my wheelchair and then look at me as if I am the one who bumped into them.  Then there are those who hang their oversized backpack or handbag over their shoulder and as they turn this way and that clump me up the side of my head and turn at my shriek or ouch as if they caught me trying to pickpocket their unwantedables.

    5 - Cleaning - I hate cleaning because once you've cleaned you need to do it again .. it is never ending, unless you just stop and get slowly drowned in what needs doing.  I am cleaning today, listening to a book.  I hate cleaning.

  • Friday Fives that annoy

    I've got pet peeves... just like everyone! And I need to tell you... these things are just plain annoying.

    TV ads that repeat too often in one evening. For example I loved hearing David Soul singing Silver Lady but every ad break??????????????? :lalala:

    Shop assistants that pounce the minute you walk through the door. It makes me want to turn round and leave. :wave:

    Supermarket trolleys with wonky wheels ~ how is it that I manage to pick one every time? :roll:

    People living litter on benches when there is a waste bin right next to it.:crazy:

    Dog owners who don't clean up their doggy's do-dahs! :##

    What about you? What's annoying you these days? Please tell me I'm not the only one with a bone to pick!

    As usual create a brand new Our Place post and get it off your chest!

  • S'a bit quiet


    What have we all been 'up-to'?

    Or are we just all flagged out on the bed waiting for the tempreatures to drop????


  • Picture This

    Here are 8 pictures.

    Each picture is a clue to a word.

    The first letter will be the one that you need.

    These letters when put in the correct order will give you the answer.

    You are seeking an EIGHT letter word and the clue is:
    Sounds like hot undies!!!

    No. 1
    No. 2
    No. 3
    No. 4
    No. 5
    No. 6
    No. 7
    No. 8

  • Best Gadget

    By far the best gadget is wife

    Does all sort of amazing things

    Operates that strange whirring contraption in the utility room, understands the central heating controls and organizes all those magic fairies who clean and tidy up. On their days off I have to do it.

    Servicing is quite expensive as regular trips to various 'specialists' are needed

    Shame they didn't include a pause button.........

    Ouch that hurt..........................,


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