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  • Royally Yours on a Friday!

    There's a blogger you know called La_spice
    Who thought it would be terribly nice
    To be Queen for the day
    And get all her own way
    But guessed it would come at a price!

  • Treasong?

    We are ruled by Elizabeth II.
    It is said she has blood that's true blue
    Her daughters horse mad
    And one son's not too bad
    But the lot should be put in a zoo.

  • Friday fives - the royals

    Here's my offering :

    There was an old lady called Liz
    Whose son's in a bit of a tizz
    She won't give up the throne
    So he can rule alone
    Though the public say they prefer Wizz !

    N.b. Wizz is short for William in case you didn't know :D

  • FF - Poetry

    Hmmm ... five lines of poetry about our Queen [she was born the same year as my Mum] and/or the family. I always struggled with poetry, I struggle to read it and understand it, and to write it as I want it to be evenly metered and rhymn and do all those things that poetry is but does not do itself - it confuses me.

    Anyway - the coffee has obviously kicked in .....

    One so regal and serene whose tireslessly leads without debate,
    The next is there through scandalous affair, waiting forgiveness,
    The third is wanting contractions and getting media mud slung,
    Will the third deliver the fourth, a bonny bundle of princess,
    She'll have to gain thick skin as the media will begin again.

    Ohhh I say, I am rather pleased with that .... can ya guess who is who? :p

  • Friday Fives - Poetic License

    This week we have a Friday 5s with a difference.
    In order to gain your poetic license you are asked to write 5 lines of poetry about.....The Queen or the royal family.
    It could be a limerick, a tanka poem or any other style. It does not have to rhyme. Looking forward to your efforts :D

  • Tuesday teaser - well...??

    Tuesday teaser 21 April 2015

    So whaddya think this is ? Any ideas ?

    And this is the solution to last week's TT btw. Congratulations to those who guessed it correctly. Well done :D

    Table lamp

  • FRIDAY Fives - Church...

    I am not a believer, my mother is a fairly lapsed Buddhist, my father unknown. I went to a CofE Infants and Junior School and actually quite enjoyed the 'stories' though hated every Friday when the local vicar Rev Salmon (his son Michael was in the year above me and had a funny white tooth- odd what you remember) came to take assembly.

    Year 1 at high school (in Bristol where I was one of very few 'coloured' people) I learnt about Christianity and Ghosts n RE. I moved to Birmingham aged 11 just into year 2. There were maybe 3 'white' kids in my class, almost everyone else was 'Indian'. In RE we first learnt about Judaism, then Sikhism, Christianity, Islam and Hindu'ism' (sorry can't think of correct word) and Buddhism... A little bit different.

    Anyway, back to Friday Fives - Reasons I don't go to church:
    1) I feel like a total hypocrite walking into a house of God without belief.
    2) Most of the Hymns seem to suggest you as a person have little control of your own fate.
    3) I can't stand the little 'collection pot' passed around at the end.
    4) I'd be mortified when I wake up snoring mid service.
    5) I hate being told what to do.

    That said, I love watching and listening to Christmas Carol services on television. I think Churches are beautiful buildings (if only they didn't have the stained glass and statues of Jesus with nails in his hand - bit brutal) and love looking around them and churchyards.

  • FF - Church

    I sincerely hope that no one is offend by my answer to this weeks Friday fives, i most certainly have not been offended by anything I have read in reply to the challenge.  I am an atheist, I do not have a faith, nor do I have faith in the validity of any written text, however, I do understand how faith can be so incredibly supportive, instructive, helpful to others and I am happy that they have that - it just ain't for me.

    Many decades ago, as a wee bairn, a bambino, I was taken to church and in the children's choir, so I shall call back those memories to the five things I didn't like having to go through there.

    1 - The Cold and Damp. It was a Norman church, in the middle of nowhere, with antiquated heating that never heated more than six inches from the floor pipe.  I vapoured every syllable of song.

    2 - Feeling intimidated by this tall booming fellow, dressed in black and white, spurting forth words and circumstances that I had zero understanding of, or connection with.

    3 - People's hypocrisy - How many would state they lived their lives as was wanted but would be gossiping, sniping, criticising, judging, adultering, stealing and general behaving in the total opposite fashion.  Compassion was non-existent but judgement was rife.

    4 - Choir - Oh heck and heck again, I was the eldest, already the freak with my bottle bottom glasses and disability, I was the choir mistresses piano student. I hated that I was supposed to lead and supervise when the others would run amock at my expense.  It did not help when practice was moved to my house [thank you mother dear].

    5 - The smell - often small churches have a specific aroma, I think it is a mix of stagnant flower water and the chrysanthemums left to fester in the cold dank environment.  It still rankles the nostrils today.

  • Friday fives - church

    A bit of a controversial one this week.

    As I have been reading a very interesting book this week called, 'Why go to church?' by Timothy Radcliffe, I though it would be enlightening to find out 5 reasons why you would NOT go to church, if you are not a churchgoer, or if you are a churchgoer, 5 reasons why you WOULD go to church. :D

  • Tuesday Teaser - guess the image...


    Can you guess what this is ?

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