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  • Somewhere over the roof tops,

    Some where over the roof tops, Rooftops

    Sun rising, it is 6am,,,

  • Photo Quiz 15

    Either 8 or 5 letters and the clue is 15th Century cutting edge technology?




    4. De Gaulle in his bath?
    De Gaulle




    Good luck!

  • Photo Quiz 14

    Here we go folks - to my mind this is a particular stinker, have been mean with my photo choices, so you'll probably get it within seconds, lol.

    Eight Letter Word

    Sounds like a painful uprooting.










  • Bank holidays? What are they?

    Never having worked in a bank these holidays are unknown to me, well, kidding really, I obviously do know about them but during my life I have found that they usually entail more work than usual. My first job was on British Railways at Brighton Station and they doubled the amount of trains and passengers, meaning extra work. I did get time and a half for the day so that worked for me. Then my next job was in the entertainment game and instead of my normal gig every evening there were others at lunch time and early evening, no extra wages for that.
    Next, Glasgow Corporation Transport, bank holidays mean that more folk wish to get on the bus, extra busses, again, time and a half in my wage packet. Next job, transport and distribution, well here I did have a day of for the bank holiday but worked twice as hard for the rest of the week to make up for it, five days work had to be done in the four days remaining, the biggest problem was that English and Scottish bank holidays are at different times causing a back-log at depots in
    each country.
    I eventually got to retire and when you do that they become just another day in the year, nothing special although I do keep away from the city, museums, art galleries etc and leave them to those that are unable to visit at other times as I can. So I have lost out on Bank holidays, not really, it never mattered at the time and dose not matter now. Times have changed, two weeks holiday was the norm for me and now it seems that two months is normal. Okay, I was born too early and did the wrong jobs, luckier than my grandfather as he only got half a day at Christmas. That's life.

  • FF - Bank Holiday

    Right, here we go ..... my family used to be working during holiday weekends either because we had our own business or worked at leisure attractions so being home at a holiday weekend became a novelty a few years ago. But still, after decades of dealing with the happy moaning joe bloggs on holiday chaps the thought of mingling with them t'other side of the counter sent a shivver.

    1 - Saturday/Sunday, lazy laying in my comfy pit

    2 - Maybe try a bit of crochetting

    3 - Check bank and credit card statement [I know, I live on the edge, the very edge]

    4 - Mad dash of house cleaning on Monday when Big sis is here to help

    5 - Signing dejectedly at the crap on tv to amuse [except Inspector Montalbano on BBC4 tonight :p ]

  • Friday fives - five things to do on a bank holiday


    1. The first thing is to sit on the porch at night listening to the crickets and katydids. And lately watching lightning in the distances

    2. Sort out my clothes drawers and file cabinet. Pitch Pitch is the order of the day

    3. Maybe moving my book cabinet and redo the shelf's so that I can have my clothes closet shelf's

    4.Working on the afghan that I have been trying to finish

    5. Trying watch shows that I have recorded so I can have more room

  • Friday fives - bank holiday

    So the weather is changing. It's been a bit too hot for me to do much gardening, so -

    #1 pot up the bargain end of season plants I just bought today :D

    #2 find a spot for my new banana tree ( seen here posing by the tumble drier ).
    I was so chuffed to get it for the princely sum of 2 !!
    banana tree

    #3 go easy on my leg.I woke up yesterday with a painful knee and can hardly bend it :(

    #4 buy some food. I've had such a busy social week that I haven't had time to restock the fridge

    #5 meet up with my friends on Sunday to watch some sci fi films and catch up with each other. If it's raining I won't mind being indoors. And if it's really bad on Monday, then even a trip to the cinema might be on the cards.

  • Friday fives - five things to do on a bank holiday

    So what can we do this weekend now that the weather is changing ?
    Forecast-possible early morning frost over the weekend and lots of rain on Monday.

  • ?????????

    I just a notice from BCUK that the moderators here have taken away my subscription to this group. So I wont get notices when anyone posts or comments on my. Does anyone know why. Have not been nice or something explanation would be nice

  • Photo Quiz

    You are looking for a 7 letter word

    Each photo suggests a letter.

    Get the letters right and re-arrange them to form a word which describes small things that help to sustain life.







    7.ghost sheep,

    Good luck. Some are easy some not.

    As you may be able to tell I take a lot of odd photos!


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