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  • Picture This

    Here are 8 pictures.

    Each picture is a clue to a word.

    The first letter will be the one that you need.

    These letters when put in the correct order will give you the answer.

    You are seeking an EIGHT letter word and the clue is:
    Sounds like hot undies!!!

    No. 1
    No. 2
    No. 3
    No. 4
    No. 5
    No. 6
    No. 7
    No. 8

  • Best Gadget

    By far the best gadget is wife

    Does all sort of amazing things

    Operates that strange whirring contraption in the utility room, understands the central heating controls and organizes all those magic fairies who clean and tidy up. On their days off I have to do it.

    Servicing is quite expensive as regular trips to various 'specialists' are needed

    Shame they didn't include a pause button.........

    Ouch that hurt..........................,

  • FF - Gadgetry

    Okay - because I am a rebel I am going to come up with four 

    1 - My Computer, more specifically by BigMac computer.  Gone are the days of window crashes, crunching virus scans, malware, trojans, idiotic questions and eternal slowness.  I love my Mac.  I handle my banking with ease, I pay my bills efficiently, i can browse and window shop in places I wouldn't be welcomed into, I can read up on pasing interests and intrigues, I can purchase my wanted items and very nice men visit my door with a jolly smile and cheery hello.  I can write to peeps, some of them even write to me! I watch tv progs, listen to music or books and in general have an enhanced life thanks to the connectivity of the cyber world.

    2 - My Microwave - it does stuff for me at a working level I can reach.  The greater majority of my cooking is done on the stove top and micro, it is not possible for me to bend down and lift things in and out the over any more.  Yes it does limit my menu and if I had a little more space I would likely upgrade to a combi micro, but like tonight it wil defrost and heat my home made bolognese.  Tomorrow it will zap my veggies to a warm crunch and on Monday it might take the chill off the sausage roll.

    3 - Battery Office - Ii have three battery operated toys I like playing with [ohey Spicey/Murphy I see you snickering] these are a pencil sharpener, a stapler and a hole punch.  Without contorting myself and almost doing myself a mischief trying to unsuccessfully make a better than half arsed attempt at a job, I slide the item in, there is a brief whur and whizz and presto a neat professional job has been done.

    4 - TV Remote - If it were not for these things I would be eternally watching the same channel as i couldn't be bothered to keep getting up to change the channel.  LOL, can you remember what that was like?  Kids and people who should still be child age look agog when you say "I can remember having to turn the tuning dial on the black and white tv to pick up oe of the four channels available, if they were broadcasting at that time" 

    There was a funny cartoon on Facebook this week, where Star Trek's Spock and co returned to 2014 and an Earthling standing there with his smart phone looks at them and remarks "Is that all yours does!"

  • Friday fives minus four

    The best investment I ever bought is undoubtedly the dishwasher !
    I knew it was a real time saver, but I never realised how much I missed it until I was without it for a month when my kitchen floor was being replaced. The whole kitchen was removed and I had to wash up in the garden as I didn't have a working sink either. Due to various hold ups with the work I endured this situation for a whole 4 weeks and it nearly killed me :(
    What a chore ! And how much time is spent washing and drying ? And all that greasy water ? Yuk.
    I realise I am lucky to have the space to have a dishwasher as not all kitchens can accommodate one. If I had to choose between that and another appliance (apart from the cooker of course), the good old dishwasher would win hands down. :yes:

  • Friday Fives minus Four

    Following on from Munzly's post about the best thing he ever bought, what is the best item, gadget etc that you have ever bought ? It could be for the house, car or in fact anything at all. Tell us why it is the best purchase you made.

    As it's a Friday Fives minus four, there is only one thing to think of this week. I doubt whether all but the most shopaholic amongst us could think of five things :>>

  • Heatwave

    Oh, it's so cool in here! :D
    Thanks to a neat little air-conditioning system I had installed last year. Best investment I ever made!
    Warms the air in winter too. Highly recommended.

  • JIBO the bot!

    With the robotics industry beginning to turn it sights towards "Home-Robots," I make this plea to those concerned: Please ensure that every model delivered includes a permanent Off-Switch in the form of a large lump-hammer or pickaxe - just in case..... :))



  • Ding Dong Bell

    Blogger by the well.

  • Wakefield Sculpture Park

    There was a most disturbing report today that the three witches from Macbeth had suddenly materialized at Wakefield Sculpture Park where they were joined by a 'familiar' who terrified coachloads of small children when he attempted to divest himself of all clothing to 'get into the spirit'


    Visitors noticed many strange sights such as a lawnmower that cut grass by itself with no human assistance, a tree turned to iron and many strange and other-wordly shapes worrying the local sheep.


    Fortunately the group left before the exorcist arrived.

    The owner of the Park commented

    "We are most worried that they will return and that this could put our 'Museum of the Year' status at risk. Although we know this is a magical place we do not want it said that we had supernatural help.

    Any resemblance to certain bloggers is, of course, purely co-incidental."


    How many of you have yet to discover the delight of "Doughnut" fruits?

    By that I mean Doughnut Peaches and Doughnut sister tells me they are orgasmic...I think she might mean organic, but they are really really nice so it's hard to be certain.

    They are in the shops now...get yourself a few and have a really good time tonight.

    Here's what I mean:  CLICK TO ENLARGE

    Doughnut Fruit 001 (800x450)Doughnut Fruit 002 (800x450)


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