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  • Tuesday teaser - partial image

    (Click to enlarge)

    This week's Tuesday teaser should keep you guessing for a while. Can you guess what it is ?

  • Let there be light

    Do you like this effect from a table lamp or not?

    light 001

  • No no no


    1. Doing Biology for A level. Related to this is the amount of vodka I drank before the exam and only getting the answer to question one by copying the person sitting in front of me's diagram. Don't think it improved my laughable grade though!

    2. Staying in a work environment that didn't suit me for so long because I didn't have the self confidence to move on.

    3. Various sexual mistakes and if you think I'm going to expand on that one you are wrong!

    4. The amount of self-delusion I used to have. I really don't like how I used to be! Now I just mildly dislike who I am.

    5. That photo! The pineapple.

  • FF - Regrets

      You want me to confess five of my ... ... .. ohhh you mean "Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention"


    1 - I regret meeting my ex, simple as, been a lot less agitation, heart ache and tension fi i had never met him.

    2 - I regret not getting up earlier today, might have achieved more than opening the post [apart from doing the dishes and washing my hair, that will be the sum total of todays achievements].

    3 - I regret not sailing more.  Trepidation and anxiety stopped me from going more often [maybe the cost did a little too]

    4 - I regret chasing that boy around the class room and when he tripped over giving him a swift kick .. .. well he had just pulled the chair away from me to make me fall and sprawl across the floor.  One of the few times i flew into an anger driven rage.

    5 - I regret starting this post because I am remembering the regrets that are unpostable   

  • Friday Fives - No no no!!!!

    When I first read what this week's FF was I thought "I can't do this as I try not to have any regrets or thoughts about things I shouldn't have done in my life" then I thought again and will share a few trivialities with you.

    I should not have:-

    1. Written a note to my dad calling him a pig for taking my brother somewhere rather than me. But I did pay for it because I got my one and only walloping from him for doing so!

    2. Climbed down into an old mill pond ~ it wasn't as dried up as I thought and I lost a lovely shoe in the process of freeing myself from the sludge. Looking back I could have died!!!!

    3. Given up learning French at school ~ for obvious reasons.

    4. Slapped a certain person across the face for leading my husband astray ~ I should have slapped him instead!

    5. Left my copy of "Labyrinth" on a coffee table in a house where there was a young, inquisitive, piddling puppy!

    :crazy: That's yer lot!!!!

  • Friday fives - things we shouldn't have done

    A bit of a change this week. Can you name 5 things that you wish you hadn't done. It could be something recent or something from your childhood. I'm looking for some amusing stories here. If you can't manage 5 things, just put as many as you can LOL
    Please write your Friday fives in a separate post so people can comment on them. Ta :D

  • Guess the depth!

    This is what it is like outside.

    I'm going to try to get out soon.

    How deep do you reckon it may be?outside

  • Tuesday teaser - partial images


    This week's Tuesday teaser consists of two images. One easy and one more difficult. Can you name each of the objects in the two photos above ?

  • Ying and Yang

    Happy & Sad :):(

    Yesterday Jammie Dodgers made me smile :) and finding a shredded white tissue in my dark washing made me frown :|

    So ..... in usual Our Place style I want to know what made you happy and what made you sad yesterday?

  • Friday fives - dogs' names

    This week's challenge is five typically 'doggy' dogs' names.
    Can start with any letter.

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