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  • FF - What I should be doing ....

    So if the unthinkable happened and the internet went *poof* what would I be doing instead ....... [read that as if it said "This is what I should be doing but the internet is making me procrastinate".

    1 - Finish a piece of crochet.  Two rows and some ends to tuck
    2 - Boxing some bits together to be gifted to a special little one
    3 - Putting away, refoldng and straightening the detritus that has accumilated atop the chests of draws
    4 - Washing my hair
    5 - Sorting out flight times and arrangements, sourcing temporary wheelchair ramp and .... oh hang on, that requires the internet 
    5 - Balancing my cheque book and paying the crddit card bill - oh hang on ..... yeap internet required
    5 - Ah-ha I have it!  Going for a pee [I'm orf]

  • FF - what a to do!!!

    So if I wasn't glued t'internet here's what I would be doing.

    1. Gardening (just cut and fed my lawn)
    2. Finding new places to visit (list in progress)
    3. Hanging out my washing (will do when I have posted this!)
    4. Making new friends in the real world! (That doesn't mean I will forget my blogfriends)
    5. Writing some more poems to add to my 'Yorkshire Collection'.

  • Friday fives - other things...

    In order to restore a dose of normality to BCUK, I am carrying on with the Friday Fives (for now).

    Can you list 5 things you would be doing if you weren't glued to the internet ?? :))

  • Blog,Co to close down.

    Hi everyone,,

    i received a email today saying this( Blog is closing down in December 2015, i couldnt believe it, i have built my blog up since 2009 and i am sure a lot of you people have also.
    after having over 8000,viewings , everything will be for nothing. Does anyone on here know of another free web site that is easy to set up as this was,
    my problem is that my blog is a diary about my illness and spread over the years during my treatment.and hopefully would help someone in a similar situation. i want to transfer it and not lose it.:-(

  • R.I.P.

    So the death knell has been sounded and BCUK will cease to exist in December 2015.

    we have to inform you that our whole blogging platform will be closed from the middle of December 2015.

    In the immediate future you will see no difference on the running of the platform but we would encourage you to plan for the eventual closure. Please find below some useful information that will clarify some of the questions relating to the platform closure.

    "What will happen to my blog?"

    Your blog(s) and all your media will be available online until Dec. 15th 2015.

    "Can I archive my blog and export my posts?"

    Yes, you can export your blog in two ways.
    To learn how to create a WordPress Export file, please click here.
    To learn how to export your Blog as PDF, please click here.

    Please note: All users will be able to export their blog(s), regardless of their user status (free user or Pro Users).

    "What will happen if I am a Pro-Member?"

    If you have a monthly Pro-Membership, renewal will be stopped automatically by us in December 2015.
    If you have an annual Pro-Membership, renewal will be stopped automatically by us at the end of September 2015.

    Of course you can cancel your subscription whenever you want yourself.

    Please note: If you are a annual Pro-Member and you have unused portions of your subscription after December 2015, you will be entitled to a refund. We will send out an separate communication with all information about how to claim a refund after the closure of annual membership renewals at the end of September 2015.

    We have created an extra section of our FAQs with relevant information about the closure of the platform which we will update regularly. Please refer to these before contacting the support team for any question you might have. Please do not reply to this e-mail.

    Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

    Best regards

    The Team

  • Challenged Written

    The woman took a short break, then tried yelling again. Still the sleeping teen refused to surface from beneath the duvet.

  • Murphy's Writing Challenge

    This is the best I could do on my mobile phone.

    The woman took a short break, then tried yelling again. She could hear the scream inside her head but not a sound would come from her lips. Looking round the darkened room she was able recognise familiar shapes but knew that she didn't belong there. She inhaled sharply and the stench that filled her nostrils made her gag. In the farthest corner of the room she could hear shallow breathing and an intermittent snore. She tried to fathom out how she came to be in that strange room but had no recollection. As her eyes became accustomed to the half-light she realised that she was wearing an unfamiliar nightgown. No way would she have bought such a garment so why was she dressed this way?

    Suddenly another scream welled up in her throat. Once again her vocal chords felt as though they were in a vice. She was afraid, confused and helpless. Then she vaguely remembered someone mentioning 'home'. Home, this awful place will never be home

  • My Challenge

    I have written this as I lay in a bed beside my granddaughter in hospital. They have kept her in again and I am staying overnight with her so excuse my hastily written effort to my sentence challenge.

    I'm laying here, in the middle of the night
    In my hospital bed
    The lights are dim there's not much sound
    But the buzzing in my head.

    I'm dozing in my drugged up state
    Everything's a blur
    I'm off to play in dreamland
    Of that you can be sure

    Then I'm suddenly woken up
    The noise was very loud
    My head was not quite with me
    But somewhere on a cloud

    The woman took a short break
    Then tried yelling once again
    Someone was in a sorry state
    They must be in such pain

    People gathered round me
    I didn't know quite why
    It's all right they were saying
    Cos the screamer it was I.

  • I need a challenge will you join me?

    For too long I have not done much writing and I need to set myself a challenge so for those of you who want to join me I am going to open the book I am reading at random and pick the first sentence on the right hand page.
    The challenge then is to write a poem short story joke whatever you like using that sentence in it.
    I will post mine this evening and would be interested to see what others make of it so please do have a go just for the fun of it.

    The sentence is:
    The woman took a short break, then tried yelling again.

    It is on page 279 of Crescent Dawn written by Clive Cussler.

    Happy writing everyone.

  • Friday Fives Mesmerising

    I am mesmerised by

    1. Flowing water, I can sit by it for hours.

    2. Fields of corn gently blowing in a breeze.

    3. Children playing when they do not realise you are watching them especially the way they interact together.

    4. Snow flakes as they fall to earth.

    5. Washing blowing on the line I always feel a sense of fulfilment watching it blow back and forth.

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