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  • A few words.

    In my Sunday newspaper I read these words that were written inside a birthday card, and wished that I had used them, "Never query your husbands choices. You're one of them." What words do you write or hope to have written in a card to/from your loved one?

    It will be nice to see a little humour in the comments.

  • Photo Quiz 16.

    You are seeking a 7 letter word.  Each photo suggests a word and the first letter, if that is the correct word, is one of the seven that you require.
    Those seven letter's, when rearranged, give the answer.

    More than one.
    Polish gothic rock band.
    Richmal Crompton.

    Edinburgh botanic garden 2009 004


  • Friday Fives, These I enjoy.

    Five things that I look forward to each day? The first must be waking up but of course I will be none the wiser if I don't. I have no set time to rise from my bed it simply depends on when Tom, my cat, shouts in my ear that he wishes to go out.

    Second, before I do anything else. must be the first cup of tea with a cigarette whils I listen to Radio Five live and shout back at it if they say anything that I don't agree with. 

    My third must be the morning shower.  I love standing in the shower, actually I could stay there all morning, I find it very pleasing to allow the water to fall on my body, I do a lot of my thinking in the shower and usually compose in my mind the letter that I will write to the newspaper later on.

    Number four is breakfast. I have the same breakfast every day, cereals, easy to make, easy to eat, and the box tells me that I am getting all of the vitamins that I need.  I once had four different packets open at any time but now I have five. I mix any two in my bowl and five gives me 10 different options, whereas four only gave me 6 different options.

    The fifth? The rattle of the letter box and the sound of my daily newspaper hitting the floor as it is delivered by my neighbour, a tit-for-tat arrangement where she buys my paper and I buy plants for her garden.  Sit back with another cup of tea and read the paper and see if they printed my letter. It is now about 10.30, 10.45, 11am, well it is still morning and there is housework to do.

  • FF - Things enjoyed daily

    I read the theme and struggled, I do not 'enjoy' much anymore, most things are done to fill time and become annoyed at myself for not getting done, disappointed in myself for not coming to terms with the fact that I cannot do them.  So much of my everyday is classified more as existing than living or enjoying but there maybe one or two things.

    What do I look forward to on each day .......

    1) That first taste of coffee, it is a sort of "Right then ...." moment a mental rolling up on the sleeves

    2) Reading at bedtime - since getting my kindle a mere 21 months ago the habit has formed to read in bed last thing at night, the majority of the books I read are free ones and I average one a week, I can honestly say I enjoy the anticipation of the next bit of the story and I enjoy the laying there engrossed.

    I am stuck now ... sometimes I like the silence but some days it weighs heavy and oppressive, somedays I enjoy my music but frequently after a few minutes it irritates, I like my crafts but quickly they become monotonous - fickle, thats me or maybe rutted.

    Other everyday mundane things I sometimes enjoy

    Laundry - I love the fresh smell of the house when the tumble drier has perfumed the rooms.
    Cooking - oww the tummy rumbling, drool inducing aroma of a beef stew or my bolognese.
    Tidy - the day after a major tidy up and you look around and it feels 'sorted' and 'right'.

  • Friday fives - five things you enjoy having in your life

    So what do you look forward to doing each day when you wake up ?

    My favourite five are :

    1. Books. I have always had my head in a book for as long as I can remember. I like the escapism but I also find a real paper book quite comforting. For that reason I just don't fancy an e-book reader :no:

    2. Plants. Those pretty colours, those lovely shapes and those gorgeous scents. You just can't beat the natural world to brighten up your day

    3. A cup of freshly brewed coffee. Even those who don't like coffee seem to like thé aroma :D

    4. Silence. A rare thing nowadays, so all the more enjoyable when you get it

    5. Candle light. Fire and a warm yellow glow. What a good combination. So relaxing to watch too.

  • Pining, to suffer with longing.

    It was November 14th, 2012 when I first brought home Tom, my rescue cat.  Three days earlier I had decided that I needed someone for company and that someone must also need me. I visited the local Cat and Dog home, walked around looking at the cats and stopped at the one that I knew needed someone.

     The Cat and Dog home, part of the Scottish SPCA, always give a name to every animal that comes in if the name is not known but in this case, because of the state of him, covered in dirt, flea infested, scared of eveyone, starving and with a running sore on the back of his neck where he had probably been bitten he was not expected to survive, so they just called him Tom.

    Tom had been given all of the injections that were required and had been nursed back to a condition where they thought him suitable for adoption.  I paid the£50 fee and was given the paperwork that informed me that Tom was a domestic short hair cat, male, black and white and aged 1 and a half to two years, microchipped and no known illness. Actually I was hoping for an older cat that I would hopefully out live.

    I discovered very quickly that Tom did not care for humans and was prepared to stand up and fight any that he came in to contact with and the very many scratches that covered my hands and arms bore witness to this fact, when I first attempted to get him down from the top of a wall cupboard in my kitchen that he had decided was his safest place.  I decided to just leave him there and make sure that there was food and water  available for him when he wanted it, the plate was always empty the following morning. Unlike today when he is the most fussy cat on earth, he stole and ate any foodstuff that I accidentally left out and this included two whole bars of milk chocolate. It took a long time before he would let me stroke him and any sudden noise, move or visitors made him return to the top of the cupboard.

    tom 012

    It was in February 2013 that I first noticed the running sore in the back of his neck that had returned and knew that I must take him to the vet and with the use of thick garden gloves I managed to get him in to the carrying basket.  Tom was as good as gold with the vet who examined him a gave hin two injections and cream to apply twice daily, He also told me that Tom was about 7 years old.

    It took a while, probably 8/9 months, but eventually Tom accepted me and it got to the point where he followed me everywhere and insisted on sleeping beside me.

    In March 2014 a ginger kitten appeared in my, and Tom's, garden. eating the bread that I had thrown out for the birds.


    This was the start of a friendship and play fighting that continued every day and I knew by then that she belonged to the women and her three children that lived in the house oppsite, to my house,  untill August. Miss Ginger dissappeared. Tom roamed the area and was obviously searching for her, at all other times he sat on the windowsill watching, he ignored my calls and ate less food. Tom was pining for his pal.

    I have found out since that Miss Ginger was given away by the woman because her new boyfriend was allergic to cats.


    Tom is still pining and still sitting on the windowsill  night and day looking for her. It breaks my heart, How do you explain to a cat

  • Somewhere over the roof tops,

    Some where over the roof tops, Rooftops

    Sun rising, it is 6am,,,

  • Photo Quiz 15

    Either 8 or 5 letters and the clue is 15th Century cutting edge technology?




    4. De Gaulle in his bath?
    De Gaulle




    Good luck!

  • Photo Quiz 14

    Here we go folks - to my mind this is a particular stinker, have been mean with my photo choices, so you'll probably get it within seconds, lol.

    Eight Letter Word

    Sounds like a painful uprooting.










  • Bank holidays? What are they?

    Never having worked in a bank these holidays are unknown to me, well, kidding really, I obviously do know about them but during my life I have found that they usually entail more work than usual. My first job was on British Railways at Brighton Station and they doubled the amount of trains and passengers, meaning extra work. I did get time and a half for the day so that worked for me. Then my next job was in the entertainment game and instead of my normal gig every evening there were others at lunch time and early evening, no extra wages for that.
    Next, Glasgow Corporation Transport, bank holidays mean that more folk wish to get on the bus, extra busses, again, time and a half in my wage packet. Next job, transport and distribution, well here I did have a day of for the bank holiday but worked twice as hard for the rest of the week to make up for it, five days work had to be done in the four days remaining, the biggest problem was that English and Scottish bank holidays are at different times causing a back-log at depots in
    each country.
    I eventually got to retire and when you do that they become just another day in the year, nothing special although I do keep away from the city, museums, art galleries etc and leave them to those that are unable to visit at other times as I can.  So I have lost out on Bank holidays, not really, it never mattered at the time and dose not matter now.  Times have changed, two weeks holiday was the norm for me and now it seems that two months is normal.  Okay, I was born too early and did the wrong jobs, luckier than my grandfather as he only got half a day at Christmas.  That's life.


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