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Tuesday - Tuesday teaser. Identify partial images
Wednesday - Weather pics. Send in your weather photo
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Friday - Friday fives. Send in your lists of 'fives'

Anyone can take part. Have a go... :D
  • Grim Tales

    I have begun writing short 100 word stories that put a twist on a fairy tale.

    Every few days I will post another one, please leave your suggestions down below

  • FF - Budget Blowout

    Thanks to the everso generous givings of the budget here are the top five things I am looking forward to spending my wealth of return on.

    Oh hang on ..... he is also cutting another 12 billion from the welfare budget ..... might be wise to stuff the savings under my matress to help plug the gap when the benefits I survive on get cut, again, and the services I have to pay for go up, again.

    As an elder would often remark "We'll get off with paying".

  • Friday fives - the budget

    Now we all know what is in the budget, what 5 things will you spend your extra cash on ?

    P.s. as a reminder of some of the main points:

    Beer duty cut by 1p a pint, cider by 2p
    Tax-free personal allowances to rise
    First 1,000 of interest on savings tax free (for basic rate taX payers, less for lighter rate payers)
    ISA savings limits to rise
    Annuities to be taken as lump sums by over 55s if so desired.

    Please post your fives in a separate post.

  • Tuesday teaser - solution


    The answer to this week's teaser is..... A fountain pen of course !

    The nearest correct answer was from Munzly. He said it was a pen.
    Well done to him. You take first prize this week.
    And thanks to all the others who took part.
    I hope you had fun trying. :D

  • Tuesday teaser - guess what it is... ??

    (Click to enlarge)

    Any ideas ?

  • FF, Creatures emerging.





    5... The old fella that lives at number 87

  • Friday fives - creatures emerge

    I have been delighted to see the following beautiful creatures that let me know that spring is here :

    1. Brimstone butterfly (a couple of weeks ago)
    2. Frogspawn (last week in the woods)
    3. Red admiral butterfly (feeding on the mahonia blossom in my garden this week)
    4. Large bumble bee (in my garden yesterday)
    5. Lots of ladybirds (in my bedroom which is south facing. I don't know where they get in, but I have had to rescue them and put them outside, so they don't starve).

  • Friday fives - creatures emerge

    For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it is now Spring and we are beginning to see various creatures that we haven't seen for a while.
    What 5 creatures have you seen recently that have reminded you it is springtime ?
    (For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, can you name 5 creatures that are starting to go into hibernation or to disappear from view at this time of year).

  • Tuesday teaser- what is it ?


  • Friday Fives: The General Election

    So we're looking at a personal manifesto for the forthcoming General Election. Appropriate as on Saturday 7th I was invited to the launch of the Tamworth Literary Festival. Authors spoke in the Town Hall indeed in the very room from which Sir Robert Peel (leaning out of the window) delivered his election promises and thus gave the first election manifesto.

    As today's manifestos are forgotten almost before the votes have been counted - forgotten by the voters as much as the candidates - I thought an equally frivolous five would be appropriate:

    1. Abolition of the Bedroom Tax - there's little enough going on in my bedroom anyway, and so as to recoup this loss of revenue.......

    2. Tax the Selfie (and every other -elfie)

    3. Creation of a Parent Tax - as a child they told me I couldn't because they were my parents (explanation ended here) and it might just make prospective parents think twice before producing ever more potential parents and thus starve Jeremy Kyle of potential guests.

    4. A minimum of a quarter of a mile between pedestrian crossings - this way I might actually use third gear while trying to reach the other side of town and anyway the number I see walking out into the road believing everything has to stop for them when they're only twenty yards from the official crossing is enough to drive even the mildest mannered of drivers into tearing their own hair out.

    5. Tax Reductions Based on the Height and usage of one's Soap Box - This will encourage people to become more opinionated and find them something to do instead of (see 1) paying Bedroom tax (see 2) taking and posting a variety of -elfies (see 3) procreating (see 4) stopping me from getting wherever I choose to be in order to (see 5) tell the whole world what they're doing wrong from the summit of my over-sized soap box!

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