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Anyone can take part. Have a go... :D
  • Futuristic Friday Fives

    I have been thinking today about what changes I would like in the world to make it better than it is today.

    So with that in mind, the Friday Fives challenge is as follows :

    "In the year 2024 people will...."

    Complete the sentence with 5 different things. Please start a new post so others can comment on your suggestions. :D

  • Tuesday teaser - what is it ?


    This week's Tuesday Teaser is a day late. So no, you are not going mad :D

    Can you guess what it is ? (I think you have met your match here Spicey girl).


    I whinge enough about the glitches on this platform, so here's some good news for a change. I complained to the support team that I could not post any videos. They've just sent me a new code, which I pasted in and works fine (see my last post on godschool).

    So thanks, guys! :wave:

  • Gone. A Poem.

    On the 12th May, 2013 I posted this on Our Place

    Tell them they are birds
    and watch them fly,
    Tell them they are stars
    and watch them shine,
    Tell them they are flowers
    and watch them grow,
    Tell them they are clouds
    and watch them snow,
    Tell them they are friends
    and watch them love,
    Tell them it’s impossible
    and thoughts undreamed of
    will make them fall
    So tell them they are hope.

    Katie Wainwright

    Katie Wainwright. Runner up in the iF Poems/The Times Young Poet Competition under 17.
    for more info,

    Katie is now at uni and studying maths, she still makes time for poetry. This is Katie's latest poem that she wrote for my website "After Loss".

    The house is still. Doors hang ajar, unsure.
    It is nearly unrecognisable, an unfamiliar atmosphere has settled,
    Too empty.
    When I think of you, I think of sunlight through leaves.
    I think of smooth palms and an easy smile.
    But you're gone.
    Will I ever smile again?
    I know I must, I'll somehow move on,
    but it seems impossible from where I'm standing,
    This face feels frozen in sadness already.
    Everyone tells me to be strong,
    That you're with me,
    That you'd want me to be this and do that...
    I know what you'd want
    You always wanted me to be happy.
    I'm trying, for you.

    Copyright. Katie Wainwright.

    More of Katies poems can be found at,

  • Friday Fives on Toast

    1. Marmalade but only on hot buttered toast whilst drinking a hot cup of tea.
    ( Stems from my trainee nursing days when all I could afford for breakfast from the canteen was 2 slices of toast and a cuppa the marmalade was free so used lashings.)

    2. Eggs wether scrambled poached or fried they are yummy on toast.

    3. Smoked Mackerel Pate . . . .cant say anything as my mouth is watering.

    4. Cheese as long as it's bubbled and running Mmm

    5. Baked beans and bacon. . .a tasty meal when you just don't know what you fancy.

  • Let's have a toast ....

    .... and raise our glasses!

    Oops.... wrong Friday Fives :>>

    Right seriously (or not!)

    What do I like on toast..

    1. Has to be melted butter which might seem predictable apart from the fact I don't usually have butter on anything.

    2. Cinnamon sugar sprinkled on aforementioned hot buttered toast. Cold toast is a no-no for this!

    3. Some types of pate.

    4. Curried beans.

    5. Welsh rarebit like my mum used to make.


  • FF - Lil piece of toast

    So we have some toast, all golden and crunchy, what to slather on the top of it ......

    1 - Just butter
    2 - Cheese [either cold and slightly melted]
    3 - Egg, fried, scrambled or poached
    4 - Bean, with a fried egg or cheese on top
    5 - My ever so tasty Tuna Fish

    Of course, now I have that song going round and round and round my noggin .. coz someone said "toast"

    BCUK isn't accepting Youtube embedded odes again, so you'll have to pop along to StreetBand - Toast

  • Friday fives - toast

    My entry for this week's Friday fives is below.

    Five things to put on toast :

    1. Butter
    2. Marmite (and butter)
    3. Peanut butter (and possibly banana)
    4. Thick cut marmalade
    5. Plum jam.

  • Friday fives - toast

    This week's challenge is to name five numbers beginning with one and ending with five (only joking. I think my Tuesday the teaser challenges have been too easy so far).

    The real Friday fives this week are as follows :

    Name 5 things to put on toast. Yum !


    Yesterday I got this alarming message from the uk blog support team in my inbox:

    Hello gillyk,
    You have published content or shown behaviour on our platform that violates our
    Terms of Service.
    According to our Terms of service the following constitutes inadmissible content:
    - content consisting of nothing more than links to other pages, advertising, the
    repetition of texts and/or lists of excessive numbers of obvious tags (spam);
    Your account has therefore been deleted.
    Before you consider registering with us again, we strongly advise you to carefully
    read our Terms of Service ( to make sure
    that any future content or behaviour does not violate our Terms of Service.

    Your team
    Populis GmbH -
    c/o Kowert, Schwanke und Von Schwerin, Spichernstraße 2, 10777 Berlin, Deutschland
    Fax.: +49 - (0)30 86 099 429
    Registergericht München: HRB 207367
    Geschäftsführer: Luca Ascani'
    I was HORRIFIED!  I scampered to my blog ... to find that it was still there, large as life.  Pheeewww ... 

    So then I thought, had I been hacked?

    I wrote to the team saying 'I received this in my inbox today which purports to be from you.  It has
    no relation to my blog whatsoever.  Where has it come from? Surely not
    from you!

    I then got this reply today:

    thank you for your request.
    It appears as though your blog was deleted in a mass deletion of spam blogs. While we strive to avoid such occurrences, some blogs that publish a lot of links are can to be mistaken for spam, and on very rare occasions, get deleted.
    Please send us the name of your blog and we will restore it.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope that this regrettable incident does not sully your enjoyment of our site.
    Please let us know if you still have questions.
    Kind regards
    The Customer Support

    I wrote back:  'Well there are two strange things about this.  Firstly, I don't have a lot of links on my site.  In fact, hardly any, ever. 
    Secondly, fortunately my blog has not been deleted, despite being told that it has.'

    So how come that my blog, which has been established now for several years, which has very few links, no spam or tags  or repetition etc etc, gets chucked in the bin with the spam????  And second of all, how come that they tell me it's deleted when it isn't?  Is that what happens to the real spam - that it is not effectively deleted either?

    I am NOT impressed.

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