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  • Friday Four.

    New posts please on two things that you like about Christmas and two things that you dislike about Christmas.


  • We be buzzing

    We are buzzing this place 

    Of the top five discussions, one is on here, three more by regular Our-Place peeps ..... We rawk \m/

  • Saturday night at the pub

    Here's a bit of a pub quiz with a difference.
    I will list the ingredients that go to make up a drink and you will see if you can put a name to it. Here goes...

    Drink #1

    Drink #2
    Pale beer such as pale ale or lager
    Dark beer such as stout

    Drink #3
    Lime juice
    Cointreau or grand mariner

    Drink #4
    Lemonade or soda water
    Ginger beer or lemonade
    A few drops of angostura bitters.

    Good luck and cheers !!!


    The names of the drinks are as follows:
    Drink #1 Egg nog or advocaat
    Drink #2 Black and tan
    Drink #3 Marguerite
    Drink #4 Gunner or Rock Shandy

    Thanks to all those who took part. I hope you had fun ;D

  • My street.

    It is events that determine the street where I live, not the houses as they are all exactly the same, 1940s local authority semi detached three bed houses with gardens at front and rear, and in my case, a garden at the side. Most are now privately owned thanks to the "Right to buy" act, great for us at the time although many now would think differently.

    When they were built car ownership was very low, no requirement for garage space, today, where possible, owners have created parking spaces by giving up their front gardens for at least one car, but, most families have two or even three cars causing a street that is jam packed on one side and leaving space for single line traffic on the road.  As I am retired I can find my parking space during the day but those returning later must seek spaces away from their houses. A problem of modern living that there is no answer to. There are those with greater problems.

    The few houses still retained by the local authority have often given problems to our street when Social Services have given them to large families that have no respect for the house, gardens or neighbours and for a short while cause problems for all.  It took a while but acting with the local MP, Councillors, social services and others we now have a system that, after due warnings, can get that anti social family removed before the local authority then has to spend several thousand pounds of tax payers money to return that house to a living standard.

    About a year ago we had this problem with a house three doors away from my house, that house then stayed empty for nearly three months. One day several workmen in several vehicles arrived and commenced to pull the interior of the house to pieces and eventually we watched as all of the woodwork in the house, new doors, new skirting boards, new flooring etc were moved in. This work took many days. Then the arrival of new toilet fittings, sinks, baths etc arrived and were fitted. Men in suits and women in costumes, both with clip boards, visited regularly.  New beds, tables, chairs, cupboards, setee's arrived. Landscape gardeners arrived with decking, builders arrived with bricks and other building materials. Eventually the work was seemingly finished. The house stood empty as week followed week.

    We , the neighbours, peered through the windows at the lovely new interior and marvelled at the decking and shed in the rear garden.

    One day a man arrived and carried a bag of cement and buckets of sand to the house, I was in my garden when he came and asked if he could get some water as he did not have access to the house.  I supplied buckets of water and helped him carry them, this was my opportunity. "What are you doing?" I asked.

    He told me that before the house could be used some places in that path had to be levelled of and the careers were ready to move in.

    Careers? The news travelled like wild fire plus the rumours. It's some  bloody immigrants, a prisoner, a rapist, a child molester, a mental patient and even wilder theories.

    Three careers arrived and so did Steven, mid thirty's, a well built man, unfortunately Steven has learning disabilities. Steven has spent his entire life in care and this is his first taste of a little independence.  He is a gentle man and has quickly learned the names of all of his neighbours and the names of their pets.  It is a little difficult to understand what he is trying to say at times and it needs a little help from his careers, but we all try.

    Just how much has this cost the tax payer? I don't know, but, we, the neighbours, without exception, agree that it was worth every penny.

    Yes, some folk have far greater problems than looking for a parking space.

  • FF - My Street

    Five things I like about where I live ......

    1)  Outside my window is some greenery, and I don't have to take care of it, bonus!

    2) It is quiet yet in the middle of everything.  For the walkers, easy walk to Doctors, Pubs, High Street, supermarket, bus stops.

    3)  On the whole my neighbours are the type that are not in your business but if you knocked on their doors they would help.  We often take in parcels for each other or even take in the washing when it starts to p-iddle down.

    4)  There is parking.  I sometimes wonder how people who live in terrace streets manage when the cars are almost longer than the width of their property in streets not wide enough for two cars.

    5)  I looks neat, tidy and right.

  • Friday Fives. . .my street

    5 thingsI like about where I live.

    Mmm now then that's the trouble where do I live. Most times here in my bungalow but a lot of the time either at the flat down south or in my caravan. I must admit that of late I have not felt as happy at my bungalow as I used to so I am going to tell you what I like about living in the flat as I am considering moving there.

    1. It is right by the river Thames the only thing I have ever been homesick for since I moved away all those years ago.
    2. The buses stop right outside the door and the train station is a ten minute walk so easy to get up into town.
    3. I can walk to shops, pubs and restaurants
    4. There are so many theatres and things to join near at hand.
    5. It's where I was born and even though I have lived in Nottinghamshire much longer than I did down there (I was 23 when I left) it still feels like home.

  • Friday Fives - my street

    As I set the challenge for this week's Friday fives, I ought to post one myself :D

    Five things I like about where I live :

    1. The neighbours. I live on a block of 8 houses on a main road. All the neighbours have been here for many years and although we don't see a lot of each other, we all get on well when we do bump into one another. We still keep in touch with neighbours who have moved away too. If you have good neighbours, that is half the battle :yes:

    2. I can walk into the town centre in about 15 mins. So no need to take the car and pay for parking. It is especially handy around Christmas time when the car parks are all full anyway. And it's a bit of exercise too.

    3. In spite of being on a main road, there is a row of tall mature trees on the opposite side of the road. So we have lots of bird song and many birdy visitors to our gardens. I have put a bird feeder in the tree in my front garden next to the main road and often have a queue of birds waiting to peck at it. And a couple of days ago I couldn't believe my eyes as I lay in bed and looked out of the window. Across the road pecking in that distinctive way was ... a woodpecker !!! First one I have seen around here.

    4. At the back of my house are some allotments where there are all manner of fruit and veg being grown. Along the fence and in the nearby bushes are lots of blackberry bushes. Great for picking on an autumn day.

    5. And finally I like the Edwardian/Victorian style house that I live in (not sure which it is). There are so many wonderful features in the house that newer houses just don't have. There are open fires in every room and it's great to have a roaring log fire in the winter time. There are picture rails, deep skirting boards and fancy spindles on the staircase. There are beautiful wide wooden floorboards. However, what I don't like are the 'feature draughts'. It can be a chilly old place, so I am about to have some secondary glazing installed. Hope that helps.


    5 things I like about our street:

    • it's very quiet.  Once you round the corner you'd never know there was a main road at the bottom.
    • It's got lots of trees
    • People are friendly - they smile at you when you pass
    • the beach is two minutes away in one direction and 10 minutes in the other
    • it's where we live

    image from
  • Friday Fives - my street

    I smiled when I saw what Keggy had put for today's topic :)

    This morning I appear to be blocked in by huge diggers and the like. About half an hour ago my door bell rang and there was a woman delivering some new plants for me. We laughed as she said "I've just phoned a colleague and said 'I can see the house, I can see the car but I don't know how the heck she got it in there'"

    So what do I like about my street?

    1. It's where my new house is.
    2. It's in Yorkshire.
    3. The neighbours seem friendly.
    4. I can see lots of greenery.
    5. It will look lovely once the diggers have finished!!!!!

    Many thanx to Keggy (and Trevor!) for keeping the FFs going ~x~

  • Friday fives - on the street where I live

    For this week's Friday Fives it would be interesting to hear 5 things you like about the street or area where you live...


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